What is z/TPFDF?

IBM® z/Transaction Processing Facility Database Facility (z/TPFDF) is a database manager for application programs that run in a z/TPF operating environment. It increases programmer productivity by providing centralized database routines so that application programmers need to understand only the logical relationships of data, not the physical characteristics. The z/TPFDF product helps simplify application programming by allowing high speed access to persistent data and providing a simple application interface.
IBM z/Transaction Processing Facility Database Facility


Enforce a standard for database organization and provide common routines. z/TPFDF enables database administrators to modify database characteristics without affecting application programs.


Improve application program performance by, for example, allowing physical data to be organized to reduce direct access storage device (DASD) I/Os.

Eliminate program modification

Avoid program modification for integrating applications. Block size changes and other physical database changes are transparent to the application.