A better server for your IT and business transformation

We are living in an era of digital transformation. This is having a profound impact on IT infrastructure in data centers and businesses of every size and across industries. Now you can outcompete with intelligence, speed and trusted security. The z13s™ takes the unique mainframe server capabilities of the z13® – packaged in a smaller footprint. IBM® z13s provides a lower cost point for taking advantage of the mainframe’s hybrid cloud environment and real-time analytics. These highly available and secure servers are designed to protect your data, your clients and your business while enabling continuous service delivery.

Reduce risk

Safely deliver your data and services, encrypt data 2 times faster with the industry’s most secure server.

Gain more insight

IBM z13s integrates real time scoring with existing transactions and execute in 2 milliseconds or less.

Power your processing

More memory, cache, and I/O bandwidth to serve up more data to support the exponential transaction growth from mobile and social.

Scale for peaks

Respond to increased peak demand in real time through dynamic provisioning of key resources.

Realize savings

Moving 1TB of data per day? Save up to $9 million in ETL costs and lower web application TCO by up to 48% over x86.

Rely on availability

The average cost of a system failure is $7,900 per minute. IBM z13s provides a mean time between failure measured in years.

IBM mainframes unlock business potential

  • Excelling at traditional data and transactional processing
  • Reducing risk with trusted, secure and reliable Z systems
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Advancing quality of service
  • Delivering your real-time vision

Product images

z13s - head on
z13s - head on
z13s - right
z13s - right
z13s - closeup angle
z13s - closeup angle
z13s - flank
z13s - flank