What IBM TS7760 can do for your business

IBM® TS7760 is a mainframe virtual tape solution that optimizes data protection and business continuance for IBM Z® data. Through the use of virtualization and disk cache, TS7760 operates at disk speeds while maintaining compatibility with existing tape operations. Its grid communication facility provides access to any host for all the data in the grid, supporting superior business continuance. Its fully integrated tiered storage hierarchy takes advantage of both disk and tape technologies to deliver performance for active data and best economics for inactive and archive data.
IBM TS7760

Improve performance and capacity

Achieve a low total cost of ownership for tape processing, improve application availability and shorten batch-processing windows with the tiered hierarchy of disk and tape storage.

Increase performance

Reduce or eliminate bottlenecks in tape environments with a maximum 4,000,000 virtual volumes regardless of the number of clusters in the grid, with host throughput speeds for up to 4 GBps each.

Support high-availability requirements

Enhance availability during planned maintenance or upgrades with up to eight TS7700 systems configured to participate in a grid environment. Avoid transporting cartridges in the event of a disaster.

Key features

  • Cloud storage tier
  • Advanced policy management
  • Grid communications
  • Disk and tape drive encryption
  • Copy export acceleration
  • Synchronous mode copy
  • IBM FlashCopy support for disaster-recovery testing
  • Remote-mount IP link failover
  • Enhanced compression options available
  • Transform CAPEX to OPEX

Which option is right for you?

  • IBM TS7760 Single node configuration

    Usable Dynamic Disk Pool array cache (PB): Up to 2.47 with expansions

  • 8-cluster grid Max Configuration

    Usable Dynamic Disk Pool array cache (PB): Up to 19.87 with expansions

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