How to detect malware-infected devices

Offers real-time detection of malware-infected devices

Helps detect man-in-the-browser malware infections on personal computers, tablets and smartphones. The solution initiates a device analysis to find malware infections when users access applications protected by the software, and it provides details on the specific malware kit that was used to generate the malware variant. It delivers a transparent experience for the user with no software installation required, detecting evolving threats and new attack vectors with no action needed by the user.

Determines the fraud risk level for each online transaction

The solution anticipates that malware configured to attack an online application accessed by the infected device represents a higher risk than malware not currently targeting that application. It delivers accurate detection with virtually no false positives.

Alerts the team when potential threats are detected

Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection Advanced Edition notifies the fraud team of the potential threat when malware is detected on a device. It allows fraud and security personnel to reach out to the customer and address threat mitigation. Then the fraud team can suspend or review suspicious transactions associated with an infected device or compromised account.

Removes malware from infected devices

Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection Advanced Edition can remove malware from infected devices and when used with IBM Trusteer Rapport can help protect against future infections.

Technical details

Software requirements

None required.

    Hardware requirements

    None required.

      Technical specifications

      There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud-based solution. From an end-user perspective, recent versions of popular browsers and operating systems are supported. Please view the link for more information about Trusteer supported platforms.

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