What the solution can do for your business

IBM Watson® Studio Local - Watson Explorer Add-on enables data science teams to extend the power of text analytics to unlock the value of unstructured data using machine learning, natural language processing and visual content mining.

It is integrated into the IBM® Watson Studio platform that combines machine learning with coding and non-coding tools, model management and deployment, and other data science capabilities.

IBM Watson® Studio Local - Watson Explorer Add-on helps data science teams collaborate, reach across data silos, enrich the quality of analysis and improve business decision making.

Power better business outcomes

Extend IBM Watson Explorer text analytics capabilities to dark data on Watson Studio to unlock trends and insights that can spur innovation and create opportunities.

Structure unstructured data

Use natural language processing capabilities directly on the Watson Studio platform without moving your data.

Uncover actionable insights

Combine trends and insights discovered by Watson Explorer with existing structured data from different sources. Analyze many types of data in a single view.

Analyze at scale and save time

Scale the analysis of vast amounts of unstructured data and accurately uncover insights in minutes.

Why use IBM Watson Studio Local - Watson Explorer Add-on

  • Transform unstructured data into structured data
  • Discover key trends and insights from text data
  • Combine data types to optimize resources
  • Enable seamless information sharing across tools
  • Simplify access to data science analysis tools
  • Cut deployment time using IBM solutions in tandem

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