What it can do for your business

Discovery stitchers process information collected by agents and use this information to create the network topology. With Support Value Add Offering for Discovery Stitchers, a Support Specialist will work remotely with your staff for up to 8 hours and recommend modifications and improvements to apply to help enrich discovery data and to meet your unique business requirements.
Support Value Add Offering for ITNM Discovery Stitchers

Optimize the client experience

Save time and optimize your discovery data with efficiency and ease through personalized guidance and troubleshooting advice from a Support Specialist.

Improve implementation efficiency

Supplement your in-house skills with technical advice from a Support Specialist so you can efficiently decide on which discovery stitchers to use and how to customize for your business application.

Enrich your learning and capabilities

Improve learning and capabilities when important concepts are explained specific to your environment and best practice suggestions are provided for configuring your discovery stitchers.

Key features

  • Personalized technical advice
  • Flexible support
  • Block hours of support
  • Apply best business practices