IBM OMEGAMON for IMS on z/OS highlights

Automatic discovery of all IMS and IMS Connect regions

Enable automatic discovery and allow the tool to discover all IMS and IMS Connect regions to quickly realize the IMS footprint.

Application response times across IMS Shared Queues (CSQ)

With IBM OMEGAMON for IMS on z/OS, domain experts can quickly find response time issues across the entire IMSplex with the ability to drill down and view shared queue transaction details, including queue length and structure type that the queue is on.

Consolidated log of MTO and IMS z/OS console messages

With IMS MTO console support, domain experts can issue IMS commands or transactions from the OMEGAMON® for IMS console and display IMS messages and IMS-related z/OS® messages at the OMEGAMON for IMS console.

Detailed application performance monitoring

Achieve detailed IMS application performance monitoring with Application Trace Facility (ATF). All DLI, IBM Db2® and IBM MQ calls are reported on—along with elapsed time and CPU times of each call plus aggregate metrics.

Simplified deployment process

Deploy and manage your OMEGAMON deployment faster through a reduction in required address spaces, configuration steps and parameters—coupled with automatic discovery of system properties during the deployment process.

Powerful integrated user interfaces

Choose between the OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270UI and IBM Tivoli® Enterprise Portal for the most appropriate interface for your tasks and user roles.

Key performance indicator alerts

Quickly gain insight into current performance through product-provided situations that track key IMS metrics.

Seamless integration as part of OMEGAMON monitoring family

Simplify monitoring and management with a single-view of the mainframe and subsystems.

IMS Commander

Capture all of the activity happening in your IMS regions for analysis. IMS Commander introduces a message repository containing all of the IMS MTO/SMTO messages plus z/OS console messages from IMS control and dependent regions—eliminating the need to switch tools to search different message sources.

Application Trace Facility

The Application Trace Facility (ATF) component of the IBM OMEGAMON for IMS on z/OS product collects and displays summary-level metrics and detailed transaction events data. By analyzing the data, you can understand how the monitored transactions operate and perform.

Technical details

Software requirements

See the link below for the latest software requirements.

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements are outlined by version in the software requirements link.

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