Feature spotlights

Manage IT, operational assets

IBM can manage all assets (IT, Enterprise, Smart) from one platform (with Maximo) reducing support disconnects and cost, and enabling service management process to be applied to all assets and services.

Create software app store

IIBM® BigFix creates a software app store that enables users to select software with automated approvals, accounting, and deployment.

Analyze change impacts

Automated change analytics in Control Desk enable clients to understand the service impact of changes and collisions with other changes to minimize outages and issues.

Self service, service catalog

Users can easily order services, chat with support, report issues, easily find solutions and track status through a seamless, brandable single point of contact.

Manage software assets

Maintain compliance, reduce software waste, manage entitlements and contracts and reclaim under used assets with IBM Control Desk's asset management capabilities.

Manage changes

Manage IT and Operational assets and services in an integrated manner to streamline support, availability, and reduce costs.

Manage issues

Easily manage and route incidents and requests. Check status at a glance through a streamlined dashboard.

Flexible pricing and deployment

With the new IBM Cloud DevOps for Hybrid Deployment bundle, IBM delivers a new consumption model based on FlexPoints. FlexPoints can be purchased and allocated across the applications included in the bundle according to needs of the business.

Customer case study

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A large international airport

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How customers use it

  • Enterprise Service Management

    Enterprise Service Management


    The IoT and many connected enterprise assets drive the need for IT Service Management disciplines to be extended to Enterprise Service Management. Enterprises need to integrate service delivery and governance across their LOBs and IT functions.


    IBM Control Desk for Maximo is an add-on to Maximo Asset Management and help to coordinate changes and incidents across connected enterprise assets and their inter-dependent IT services.

  • Enhance the value of Cloud Pak for MCM with IBM Control Desk

    Enhance the value of Cloud Pak for MCM with IBM Control Desk


    Inability to synchronize service catalogs, pricing, order management, and events & incidents management between the Multicloud Management Pak and ITSM solutions.


    IBM Control Desk integrates with monitoring and event management capabilities in the Pak to detect outages and automatically open trouble tickets. Synchronize service catalogs, pricing, and order management between the MCM Pak and IBM Control Desk.

  • End User Self-Service

    End User Self-Service


    IT can be the bottleneck in fulfilling service requests, causing unnecessary delays and expense for the business.


    IBM Control Desk enables end users to dramatically reduces time and expense to complete service requests. End-users may fulfill requests for IT Assets or IT Services from any device.

  • Service Delivery

    Service Delivery


    Inefficient Service Delivery leads to customers facing delays in managing request, incident, problem, service level, remote control, DevOps.


    IBM Control Desk servers as a hub for workflow and integration. Reduce help desk calls, service delivery times, service request response times, outages caused by changes. Improve first call resolution and increase process speed/efficiency.

  • Governance



    Manual and cumbersome processes for change, configuration, service asset, release and deployment lead to customer delays and inefficiencies .


    IBM Control Desk provides single point of contact for IT and end users. Improve overall governance by consolidating and automating processes for change, configuration, service asset, release and deployment management.

Technical details

Software requirements

A browser is required to access the application. The following browsers are supported:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0.x, 8.0x, and 11
  • Firefox 3.5x and 3.6.x
  • Safari 5.1 and Edge
  • Native browser on iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) for Everyplace only
  • Native browser on devices running Android 2.1, or later, for Everyplace only
  • Native browser on Blackberry devices (6.0, or later) for Everyplace only

Hardware requirements

See Software Requirements for IBM Control Desk System Requirements.

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