Bridge the gap with these features

Integration instead of silos

Supports a top-down, holistic view rather than a bottom-up assembly of parts. IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management is an open platform that helps teams collaborate across silos. This creates visibility and transparency, enabling you to avoid waste, delays and late discovery of problems.

Federated change management

Provides a federated data approach, through OSLC, allowing users to coordinate changes across multiple project contributors. Roll feedback from teams and customers into your integrated change management process.

Integrated requirements management

Helps you ensure products are up to date with regulations across software and hardware components. Stay compliant, and respond quickly to new and changing requirements.

Digital twin enablement

Links data across systems engineering development, allowing you to manage the full digital thread and twin across engineering, manufacturing, operations and maintenance. Gain visibility and traceability across your supply chain, and control access and customization.