Feature spotlights

Includes powerful feature set

If you’re familiar with the capabilities of Informix Enterprise Edition, you’ll find the same experience of utilizing the application on a variety of platforms.

Easily upgradeable

If you’re interested in additional features, Developer Edition can be easily upgradeable to other Informix editions.

Zero administration and built in autonomics

Informix software automatically senses and responds to changes without human or programmatic intervention. The self-maintaining, self-configuring, and self-healing capabilities include automated storage and memory management, a deployment utility and automated install capable of mass deployment across multiple servers, as well as an automated task scheduler.

Time Series and Spatial Native Data Types

IBM Informix uses the Time Series Native data type resulting in significantly less space requirements; typically about 1/3 the space required by other vendors. Queries run orders of magnitude faster due to nique optimized storage means more data fits in memory.

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