Learn more about IMS Configuration Manager for z/OS

Simplify IMS processes

IMS™ Configuration Manager for z/OS® allows you to view, edit, and compare parameter values between IMS systems.

Work with parameters more easily

The parameter management features allow you to easily find and edit parameters, coordinate parameter changes across IMSplexes and ease migration to newer versions of IMS. It helps ensure changes are more reliable by providing syntax and value-checking, context-sensitive help, parameter statement generation and a history of changes.

Get a high level view of your systems

The IMS Configuration Manager Eclipse plug-in provides an enterprise-level view of your IMSplexes, systems, resources, and parameters. The Eclipse plug-in augments the ISPF interface with powerful search and parameter comparison capabilities.

Automatically discover your IMS topology

Build an inventory of all your IMSplexes, IMS systems, resources, parameters and Common Service Layer (CSL) components in a single step using IMS Configuration Manager's powerful IMS discovery feature.

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