IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps for your industry

Today’s Train

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Today’s Train provides real-time train and passenger details along with powerful analytics to help train attendants determine their best course of action. Today’s Train provides a seamless management experience that eliminates the paper process completely. Attendants can access train status, connection and track information to help improve on-time train connections, departures and traveler satisfaction.

Traveler Care

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Traveler Care enables a train attendant to view a passenger’s travel history, preferences and status on an iPad. An attendant can also issue class upgrades and compensate passengers for trip delays. The app lets rail lines log a traveler’s preferences and take note of complaints in real time – instead of using outdated customer service processes. Voucher management helps improve traveler satisfaction.

Train Ticket

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Train Ticket expedites the ticketing process by providing reservation information, connections and schedule information to the attendant. It gives them access to each passenger’s reservation and schedule information and it helps them quickly identify cross-sell opportunities, such as available seat upgrades. It improves capacity planning and scheduling by having travel data at the touch of a button.

Sell Freight

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Sell Freight enables sales representatives to better prepare for each client meeting by providing crucial industry information such as win rates, success factors and a power map. The app also increases the efficiency of capturing information like images of a client’s freight map, org chart updates and appointment notes. Sell Freight makes it easier for the sales representative to be more informed – improving client satisfaction and the sales winning rate.