What it can do for your business

The more passenger train attendants know about their passengers, the better experience travelers will likely have. IBM MobileFirst for iOS equips train attendants with timely information to help improve on-time train connections, departures and traveler satisfaction. Tickets sales can be mobile – untethering the sales operation from fixed-location kiosks. You can also go mobile with freight sales. It is now possible to capture images of a client’s freight map, org chart or appointment notes, leading to better informed and prepared sale representatives.

Enhance the traveller experience

Train attendants can have each passenger’s history, travel behavior and preferences at their fingertips.

Simplify rail system management

Enable all materials such as train status, connections and track changes to be available at the touch of a button.

Expedite the ticketing process

Provide connections and schedule information for the traveler to allow him or her to make a more educated purchase.

Better prepare for client meetings

Sales representatives have access to crucial industry information such as win rates, success factors and a power map – all from their mobile device.

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