What it can do for your business

Healthcare industries today are facing challenges on all fronts. Providers are confronted with skyrocketing care costs, while care workers must coordinate care across their teams – from hospital admission to home treatment. Pharmaceutical companies also face these same rising cost challenges, while ensuring that new and innovative drugs are delivered to the market faster than their competitors.  IBM MobileFirst for iOS – Healthcare delivers unprecedented support that allows hospitals, home-based healthcare workers and pharma companies to coordinate and manage patient care – and reduce costs for everyone.

Provide more efficient care delivery

Physicians can immediately tap into key information from integrated systems of record, prioritize tasks and have continuous access to critical patient information.

Immediately access updated patient data

Technicians and nursing assistants can more easily organize patient tasks by viewing and acting on dynamically updated patient information.

Prioritize using real-time information

Charge nurses and care managers can view at-a-glance displays of activity across the entire nursing unit, so they can prioritize unit activities and facilitate on-time discharges.

Give nurses tools to avoid re-admissions

Empower home-based nurses with better tools to manage caseloads and provide patient-centered care – preventing costly hospital re-admissions and additional outpatient visits.

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