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West Point

See how West Point cadets use IBM prescriptive analytics to solve complex real-world problems.

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University of Washington

Read how the University of Washington reduces its environmental impact of forest roads when it uses IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer.

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GreenCom Networks

Read how ILOG CPLEX helps make smarter decisions in coordinating connected devices to make the best use of local generation.

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Explore how ILOG CPLEX derives optimal business suggestions based on statistical modeling under real world constraints.

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Banque de France

Read how Banque de France uses ILOG CPLEX to process hundreds of thousands of securities transactions quickly and securely.

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What’s new in IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.7

See what's new in version 12.7 of CPLEX Optimization Studio around performace and modeling assistance.

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Exploring the new capabilities in ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.8

Watch this webinar to discover the new features for IBM COS 12.8 and the new Download and Go option.

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IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Read how ILOG CPLEX transforms descriptive data and predictive solutions into optimized prescriptive actions.

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IBM Analytics from business insight to business action

Discover the power of IBM Predictive Analytics and IBM Decision Optimization.

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Cognitive Class: Mathematical optimization for business problems

Learn how to address business optimization problems and construct simple optimization models.

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Why is prescriptive analytics essential for businesses?

Find out why prespective analytics is essential for transforming your business.

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IBM Knowledge Center - Product documentation

Find user and reference manuals for all versions of IBM ILOG Optimization Studio software.

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IBM Decision Optimization Blog

Read about newly released features for Decision Optimization products and services.

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Detailed System Requirements for IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Get detailed system requirements for supported releases of ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio.

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