Feature spotlights

Optimize performance

Monitor, track and identify poorly performing SQL. Maximize Db2 application performance and reduce specialized skill requirements and total cost of ownership (TCO) with expert recommendations. Analyze the performance of SQL queries without executing them

Identify issues

Generate analysis that automatically pinpoints critical data needed to resolve performance issues. Identify problem queries before they cause costly outages or unacceptable performance. Identify query candidates from numerous sources, such as the Db2 catalog, dynamic statement cache/query or performance monitors.

Improve management and prevention

Enable built-in advisors to speed performance path enhancements with suggestions on how to improve query design, statistics quality and index values. Scale and optimize to handle business growth without corresponding increases in staff. Improve queries and workloads with IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator.

Diagnose problems

Integrate workloads after problem identification to provide expert tuning recommendations. Virtually add or drop indexes to evaluate effects on access path without making changes. Handle transaction workloads using less system resources, such as CPU and storage.