Feature spotlights

Encryption for storage virtualization

Help improve security for data without requiring upgrades to existing storage systems (Not available in Storwize V5010).

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Enhance IT productivity with web-based GUI with point-and-click management capabilities.

IBM Easy Tier

Provide automatic migration of frequently accessed data elements to high-performing flash storage.

IBM Real-time Compression

Improve efficiency by storing up to five times as much active primary data in the same physical disk space (IBM lab measurements – April 2012). Significantly reducing storage requirements allows you to keep up to five times more information online, use the improved efficiency to reduce storage costs, or achieve a combination of greater capacity and reduced cost (Available only in Storwize V5030).

External virtualization

Virtualize your existing storage (IBM and non-IBM) to make it part of an IBM Storwize V5000 system, where it inherits the advantages of Storwize capabilities (Available only in Storwize V5030).

Thin provisioning

Support business applications that need to grow dynamically, while consuming only the space actually used.

Metro Mirror and Global Mirror

Allow synchronous or asynchronous data replication between Storwize family offerings for maximum flexibility and backup efficiency; support Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and IP (Ethernet) networking.

IBM FlashCopy

Create a near-instant copy of active data that can be used for backup or for parallel processing activities and support recovery of corrupted data.

Dynamic migration

Provide nondisruptive migration to speed implementation.

IBM HyperSwap

Allow high-availability configurations for resilient virtualized environments (Available only in Storwize V5030).

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