Why choose IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson?

Delightful user experiences powered by AI

IBM Workplace Support Services with Watson interacts with users in natural language. It provides rapid resolution to Level 1 issues, and seamless routing to service desk agents when needed. It also remembers user preferences, so users lose no time re-entering their information.

Any device, any time, any location

This industry-leading technology is always ready to work for your users, whenever they make the call. IT never sleeps. It never takes a new job. It never forgets what it learns, and it's always secure.

Continuous innovation

Built-in analytics enables Watson to uncover insights from ticket data and chat logs, as well as other structured and unstructured data. Through data science and machine learning, Watson learns from every interaction, improving service experiences and can alert service desk agents to potential disruptions before they arise.

Future ready

By 2020, 80 percent of outsourced service desks for global enterprises will not longer require human service desk agents for the first contact. "Predicts 2018: Infrastructure Services in a State of Disruption," Gartner, 07 December 2017.

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