Key features of IBM DITTO

Query or change your processing environment

DITTO helps you work with various storage media and maintain data in the MVS, VM, and VSE environments respectively. It contains many versatile functions to let you work with tapes, disks, VTOCs and catalogs, VSAM data, VSE library members, sequential data sets and files, MVS Object Access Method (OAM) objects, and card images.

Easily manage data

IBM Data Interfile Transfer, Testing and Operations Utility for ESA allows you to find and view data without changing it; change and update data as needed; create new data and rename entities; copy, print and erase data; and use lists of data sets, members or objects. You can also use DITTO to print VSAM records, physical disk records, OAM objects, tape files, and sequential data sets The program dumps the data either in character-only format or in the character and vertical hexadecimal format.

Position, compare, initialize and erase tapes

DITTO lets you copy all the files on a tape, including tape marks, to a single sequential data set/file for further processing maintaining each tape mark in a special record. You can also copy multifile, multivolume labeled tapes, reducing the effort required to migrate to new media and simplifying tape maintenance procedures.

Use full-screen browse functions

You can use DITTO/ESA's functions in full-screen mode using its own interactive panel driver, independent of VSE ICCF or MVS ISPF interactive full-screen environments. You are able to manage VSAM catalog entries in this full-screen mode.

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