Key features of CTERA

IBM integrated solution

This integrated solution with IBM Cloud Object Storage and CTERA can be purchased and supported directly from IBM or an IBM Business Partner. The solution has been fully tested and validated by IBM and is part of our validated solutions portfolio.

Easily scale file storage using IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM COS is the underlying storage layer for CTERA so the online scalability and ease of expansion is part of the CTERA solution.

Secure enterprise file collaboration

CTERA offers your business a highly secure enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) solution that helps you boost operational productivity and better protect sensitive company data. The EFSS solution also offers a robust suite of security features, giving administrators and IT teams better visibility around access and sharing, while private encryption keys allow you to remain in control of your content.

Remote file data protection and backup

The CTERA cloud server data protection solution offers a cloud-neutral platform to safeguard and back up your data either in the cloud or from cloud to cloud. This multitenant, scalable platform is better aligned to modern business needs and provides more granular data protection and faster data recovery from the cloud. Source-based encryption and backup architecture mean that data is robustly protected and more efficiently backed up.

Improved file sharing across sites

The cloud drive and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) file storage circumvents the need for file servers and office network-attached storage (NAS) by connecting your organization to the cloud infrastructure of your choice. Your team can store and sync information across your business in a private, virtual private or public cloud environment and manage access, devices and performance from a central dashboard — lowering costs and avoiding onsite visits.

Supports large number of remote sites

CTERA is able to leverage all the capabilities of IBM COS and the multi-site capable storage system and can get more efficient with more sites configured.

Technical details

Software requirements

IBM Cloud Object Storage has been validated as a storage solution for CTERA and can run from many locations utilizing storage from one or more sites or even from IBM Cloud.

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements vary per configuration.

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