What Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS can do for your business

IBM® Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS® allows you to easily copy and move mainframe data to private, hybrid or public Cloud storage, offering improved security, flexibility and economics for archive or for backup and recovery. IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS processes and moves your data without the need for additional hardware gateway devices. It leverages zIIP processors to minimize CPU cost of data movement.

The latest version features new additional security options with Life Cycle Encryption and provides “deviceless” Virtual Tape Emulation for a completely software-defined storage lifecycle.

IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS

Reduced overhead

Requires no complicated gateway hardware devices, or virtual or local tape hardware to purchase, configure or maintain. It connects directly with your public or private Cloud storage environments.

Extensible infrastructure

Use the same Cloud storage infrastructure for both mainframe and open systems data.

Secure data transmission

New Life Cycle Encryption optionally ensures that only encrypted data is ever transferred to the cloud, and that the encryption keys are only managed on the mainframe.

Optimized data handling

Tailor data caching and movement for workload optimization.

IBM Cloud Tape Connector for z/OS features

  • Fits your operations
  • Virtual tape emulation
  • Life cycle encryption bolsters security
  • Data visibility
  • Flexible cloud storage
  • Supported environments

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