Key features of IBM CICS TS VUE

All the benefits of CICS Transaction Server

IBM CICS® Transaction Server Value Unit Edition brings all the benefits of the IBM CICS Transaction Server for your qualifying new Java® applications.

Support for Java Enterprise Edition 7 Full Platform

Take advantage of a truly enterprise-class 64-bit multithreaded JVM server to deploy new eligible Java workloads with CICS VUE.

Federate CICS VUE workloads with existing CICS workloads

Manage and connect Java application workloads from CICS VUE to Java or non-Java CICS applications on other supported versions of IBM CICS Transaction Server using IBM CICSPlex® System Management.

One-Time-Charge pricing for eligible workloads

One-Time-Charge (OTC) licensing (with subscription and support) offers the choice of an alternative pricing model, providing a perfect base for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications.