Decentralized storage for your hybrid multicloud environment

Create or expand your blockchain storage with pre-tested, validated solutions.

Why use IBM Storage to meet your decentralized storage and blockchain storage needs?

Trusted Leadership

IBM is ranked #1 in blockchain leadership credentials amongst all industry verticals, regardless of size.


FIPS 140-2 encryption for superior data security, with built-in resiliency to ensure data is always available.

Perform and Scale

High bandwidth NVMe for higher CPU efficiency, with multiple data reduction techniques and up to 2PB’s of effective capacity per 2U of rackspace.

The benefits of IBM Storage for blockchain

Engineered for multicloud and built for performance and scalability, IBM Storage for blockchain delivers an off-chain, decentralized on-premises storage repository for customers deploying their blockchain peer in any cloud. Maximize your performance, security and effectiveness for critical off-chain data requirements where internet reliability or accessibility may be a challenge.

  • Rapid deployment of an open, flexible compute-to-storage platform.
  • Multicloud-enabled with secure access to public cloud services.
  • Security from data creation through to archive for complete peace of mind.
  • Adjustable business costs from CapEx to OpEx for a true pay-as-you-go strategy.
Storage platform

Rapid deployment of an open, flexible complete compute to storage platform.

Multicloud enabled

Multicloud enabled with secure access to public cloud services.


The peace of mind of full security from data creation to archive.

Business costs

Move business costs from CapEx to OpEx for a true pay as you go strategy.

Business guidance and best practices

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Storage white paper

Best in class products for your blockchain platform

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IBM FlashSystem® 9100

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Storage solutions for IBM Cloud Private

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IBM Spectrum Scale™

A high-performance solution for managing data at scale.

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With IBM Blockchain and IBM Cloud Private, Blinking is ready to roll out the KYC [Know Your Customer] module at scale, making secure online identity authentication available to all.

Miloš Milovanović, Co-Founder and COO, Blinking,

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