Building the right information infrastructure (IA) is crucial to AI success

AI workloads and data pipelines have unique infrastructure requirements. So how can you craft the right architecture for your AI data storage?

Build your AI data pipeline with IBM storage for AI


AI success depends on transforming data into accurate models and insights with speed and efficiency. Streamline your data pipeline with an end-to-end storage solution optimized for AI.

Support your most demanding AI workloads today, and be prepared for whatever comes next.


of firms see sourcing, gathering, and managing data as biggest challenge (1)


ROI per dollar spent over next 10 years. (1)

Meet the new ESS 3000

The new IBM Elastic Storage System 3000 is the simplest way to deploy Spectrum Scale— the same world-class software-defined storage that powers Summit and Sierra, enabling you to have a slice of supercomputer storage for your own AI and big data workloads.

Optimize every stage of your data pipeline with storage for AI

End-to-end optimization

Accelerate your data pipeline from — ingest through inference — and reduce time to accuracy and insights.

Industry-leading innovation

Continual innovation from IBM Storage gets you quicker insights with industry-leading performance and hybrid/multicloud support that spans public clouds, private cloud, and the latest in containers.

Proven AI leadership

IBM builds the world's fastest supercomputers backed by the scalable, high-throughput IBM Elastic Storage Server, available in all-flash configurations designed for AI workloads and flexible deployments.

IBM Spectrum Scale with IBM Power System AC922

A fully optimized, scalable and supported AI platform that delivers blazing fast performance, proven dependability and resiliency. Supporting up to 2TB total memory, IBM Power System AC922 can deliver 2 to almost 4 times higher throughput and performance than commodity servers currently available. This means you can do more work with fewer servers.

Spectrum Storage for AI with Power System AC922 enables the cutting-edge AI innovation data scientists desire, with the dependability IT requires. This is IT infrastructure designed for enterprise AI.

IBM Spectrum Storage for AI with NVIDIA DGX Systems

The performance you need for data science workloads. Integrating NVIDIA DGX Systems and IBM Spectrum Scale software-defined storage, Spectrum Storage for AI with NVIDIA DGX Systems delivers scalable throughput to support groundbreaking performance, more GPU-accelerated servers in a single rack,  and extended data management that drives developer productivity.

Key components of AI

Meet the new IBM Elastic Storage System 3000 (ESS 3000)

The new ESS 3000 is the simplest way to deploy the same world-class storage that powers the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Get a slice of supercomputer storage for your own AI and big data workloads, as well as your machine learning and deep learning. Leverage the performance of AI on the edge and create a single namespace from edge to data center to cloud.

IBM Storage for AI big data object storage repository

Object storage is becoming the choice for the big data repositories required by AI workloads, thanks to its high durability and easy-to-manage large data capabilities. Using a patented distributed parallel architecture, protected data is accessible concurrently from any location from the data center, the edge or even in the cloud.

Software that optimizes your AI storage

IBM Spectrum Scale

Meets the challenges of AI storage and big data workloads by unifying data at scale, with a single global data namespace and the distinctive ability to perform analytics in place.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Provides AI storage that can be geographically dispersed and supports global ingest, transient storage and cloud archive of data, with an easily managed and accessed big data repository.

What the experts are saying about storage for AI infrastructure

Enterprise IT is demanding targeted solutions for AI and machine learning. There is no vendor more in touch with the needs of enterprise computing that IBM.

Steven McDowell, Forbes, “IBM Spectrum for AI Brings Scalable Storage to Deep Learning”

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