Network transformation services

Next-gen networks need to automate in order to deliver new services and innovation at speed while providing exceptional customer experiences. The combination of open technology from Red Hat® and IBM’s hybrid cloud expertise helps accelerate the automation needed to run workloads from the cloud to the edge. Elevate your network transformation services by opening new areas of growth while reducing costs and improving productivity.


Reduce costs


reduction in total cost of ownership with open platforms and automation

Enrich your workforce


increase in workforce productivity improvements.

Refine processes


reduction in manual efforts with Red Hat’s open technology.

Network transformation case study

Network transformation solutions

Modernize network services

Transform your network with new technologies. Explore how to optimize operations, create exceptional customer experiences and increase revenue by offering new services.

Automation and AI

Automation fueled by artificial intelligence boosts your network operations to efficiently manage your entire service life cycle.

Network transformation

A hybrid network that thinks for itself gives you more bandwidth to rethink your business. IBM services can help you discover untapped potential and new directions to explore.


Driving network transformation

Watch our video to see how 5G and cloud are driving telco network transformation.

The importance of digital transformation

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Discover how dynamic IBM network transformation solutions can help you redesign your network.