Unite your advertising and marketing technology with Watson and MediaMath

Manage your media spend efficiently, while delivering the most relevant message to your customers by using an AI-powered media bidder. Optimize the impact by seamlessly integrating a leading demand-side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP) with your entire marketing ecosystem.

Unite your advertising and marketing technology

Key capabilities

Integrated digital advertising platform

DMP and DSP 
Robust demand-side platform and data management platform

AI-optimized technology

AI-powered bidding
Use Watson intelligence throughout your marketing and media programs to improve efficiency

Impactful one-to-one experiences

Connect advertising and marketing technology
Manage digital advertising and post-purchase messages through a single platform

Centralized data strategy

Optimize performance
Centralize paid and owned media data to measure and adjust in real time and boost conversions

Analysts recognize IBM in digital advertising and marketing

Gartner named IBM a Leader in Multichannel Marketing Hubs

Gartner Magic Quadrant: Multichannel Marketing Hubs, Q2 2018.

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IBM Universal Behavior Exchange

Connect your entire marketing ecosystem to get a more complete picture in real time of your customers’ behavior with this cloud-based customer data management offering.

IBM Media Optimizer

Enables one-to-one conversations with your most-valued audiences across all channels.

AI-powered digital advertising is transforming the marketing industry

Create purchase journeys as unique as each of your customers

How AI is transforming the customer experience

Ticketmaster, Sony Music, MediaMath and IBM discuss how AI is shaping the way brands unite pre- and post-purchase journeys to create the most impactful, personalized customer experiences. 

How can IBM help your digital advertising strategy?