Domino V10: For Open, Mobile and Trusted Applications and Mail

This hub is about the future that Domino fans, users, and the global network of citizen developers will create together. We are all looking forward to the first installment in the next chapter of the Domino journey, and all that the next version holds, to be something truly incredible. Come here for regular updates — the latest news, insights, events, and answers to questions you might have about Domino V10 and beyond.

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Letter from Bob Schultz, GM of Watson™ Talent and Collaboration Solutions

Bob knows that this “community is huge and passionate.” And Domino has always been and will always be the essential application platform to solve complex problems. The new release will reduce the overall cost of ownership, improve our world-class app and mail user experience, and embrace JavaScript with Node.js—opening up new possibilities with Domino as a full-stack web platform.

Let's Go Domino!

At Think 2018, we asked what Domino V10 meant to you. Here's what you had to say. Watch this excitement-filled video!

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For many of you, this represents a major milestone you’ve been eagerly awaiting. Sign up today to give us your honest and constructive feedback and input. You can help us make Domino V10 excellent. See all the Domino blog posts here!

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Missed the last webcast? Watch all of our previous webcasts on-demand for IBM® Collaboration Solutions and Domino — with topics ranging from our V10 roadmap to how to modernize your Domino apps in under an hour.

Domino Development Sneak Peek

We kicked off the #domino2025 jams back in December 2017 with a 23-city  roadshow, and multiple webcasts. We engaged over 2000 participants — clients, business partners and IBM champions. Watch the replay of one webinar here.

Domino Dominates Vegas!

The Domino community’s shared enthusiasm was felt in every session, from the small theater and breakout sessions, to client briefings and hands-on labs — all of which were packed-to-the-brim! Read more about this exciting event here

Next Webcast

Domino V10 and Node.js Essentials: What You Need to Know

Register now for our next webcast, with developers sharing the essentials for creating new Domino applications. Join experts Paul Withers and John Jardin to learn how they're using the latest frameworks and languages — including Node.js and JavaScript — and discover what this means for your existing Domino investments.

The mobilization of the Notes client on the iPad, previously not thinkable, is now coming ... and Watson integration with Domino databases is now a possibility!

Georg Schaller, Sales Lead, A1 Telekom

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