A more ideal VPS hosting solution

IBM Cloud® VPS hosting services help IT teams more easily manage fast-moving workloads. Take advantage of a wide range of management options, software integration, migration support, and CPU configurations for maximum flexibility and scalability. And, unlike other VPS hosting providers, IBM Cloud offers VPS hosting locations across more than 60 data centers and 19 countries.

Ultimate Virtual Server Buying Guide

Get tips and strategies for a more informed virtual compute decision-making process.


Reduce labor for thin IT departments

For small or overburdened IT departments, alleviate ongoing maintenance responsibilities associated with on-premises data centers or dedicated, non-virtual servers.

Grow when you’re ready

Develop VPS solutions on demand. Keep costs to a minimum with hourly and monthly pricing. Save time by reserving virtual servers in advance, or pay as you use for temporary capacity.

Rely on our global network

The closer data is to your users, the fewer the hassles. The IBM global network of data centers and POP locations help ensure low latency, superior security and timely service delivery.

Expand your configuration options

A wide range of standard options is available, including BYO capabilities, fixed configurations, single and multitenant servers, versatile storage, and extensive memory.

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC

Some cloud providers make VPC complex, confusing and overwhelming. We don't. IBM Cloud VPC is simple, powerful and more secure.

IBM Cloud VPS hosting servers

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Fast network

100 Mbps to 1Gbps for every VPS hosting solution.

Top security

Essential VPS hosting safeguards including firewall options, security groups, SSL and SSH options.

Reliable support

Standard VPS hosting support provides enterprise-grade, technical help at no cost, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Seamless add-ons

Storage, security, server software, GPUs and DR plans are available. Or, integrate IBM Watson® AI and cloud-native applications when you’re ready.

Which option is right for you?

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for Classic

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for Classic are our previous-generation virtual machines (VMs) available in all IBM Cloud data centers worldwide.

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers for VPC provide fast provisioning, high network performance, greater throughput and enhanced isolation.

See all options

Compare and contrast all IBM Cloud virtual compute options.

Use cases

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