What is IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions?

IBM Cloud® for VMware Solutions makes it simpler for your organization to capitalize on the tremendous potential of the cloud. Migrate VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud while using existing tools, technologies and skills from your on-premises environment. The integration and automation with Red Hat® OpenShift® helps accelerate innovation with services like AI, analytics and more.

IBM Cloud for VMware Regulated Workloads

A secure, compliant automated deployment architecture demonstrated for financial institutions

Why IBM Cloud?

One of the world’s largest operators of VMware workloads, with over 15 years of experience

Right-size infrastructure and performance, with over 100 bare metal configurations

The highest data security certification in the industry, with “keep your own key” (KYOK)

Use cases

Data center transformation

Data center

Extend and migrate your virtual machines to the cloud

Extend and migrate your virtual machines (VMs) to the cloud to consolidate data centers, expand capacity to address resource constraints or replace aging infrastructure with the latest innovations in the cloud.

Disaster recovery and backup

Man working on a computer

Disaster recovery and backup

Stand up a disaster recovery or backup site in the cloud, without the expense and complexity of additional on-premises infrastructure. Take advantage of the geographic resiliency and security profiles built into IBM Cloud and its no-cost data transfer capability between IBM Cloud sites.

Workload security and compliance

Data center

Workload security and compliance

Offload security maintenance and access compliance measures through IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud offers the highest level of key-management encryption with FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certification and KYOK security, designed so only you can access your data.

Transformation and modernization

Woman working on computer

Transformation and modernization

Modernize your VMware workloads with Red Hat OpenShift. Improve business outcomes with new technologies like AI and blockchain, integrate existing VMware-based applications into a hybrid cloud strategy and innovate freely between containers and VMware VMs.

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