Grow with an AI-enabled cloud

No matter your industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a necessity to create critical business insights and gain the competitive edge. Your data-intensive workloads demand an enterprise-grade, secure cloud infrastructure with the option to add powerful graphic processing units (GPUs) to support your AI-enabled future. With accelerated processing performance, seamless integration and granular control, the IBM Cloud delivers the AI-ready cloud your business requires.

Build on deep learning techniques to train AI systems

Solve complex problems. Create new value from your data. Train AI systems in the cloud with a fast and secure infrastructure that easily scales for your most data-intensive workloads.

Generic photo of data scientist applying deep learning techniques with the help of GPU power

Build your solution

Bare metal servers

  • Spin up servers on demand
  • Customize your RAM, SSDs and more for greater memory, power and throughput
  • Design your own dedicated, secure server ecosystem and stop sharing resources

NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs

  • NVIDIA’s latest, fastest and most advanced GPU
  • Ideal for progressive deep learning workloads
  • Offers the performance of 100 CPUs in a single GPU

NVIDIA Tesla V100

Meet the most advanced GPU from NVIDIA. The Tesla V100 is the world’s first GPU to break 100 TFLOPS of deep learning performance. It’s built to accelerate your AI workloads.


faster deep learning training in one workday than previous generations


higher inference performance than a CPU server

Power and scalability for AI workloads

Streamline your AI and HPC workloads. Get the increased processing capabilities of NVIDIA P100 GPUs now available on your choice of bare metal and virtual servers.

Generic photo of a data scientist powering AI and HPC workloads with GPUs

Build your solution

Bare metal servers

  • Spin up monthly servers, on demand, worldwide
  • Customize your RAM, SSDs and more for greater memory, power and throughput
  • Design your own dedicated, secure server ecosystem and stop sharing resources

Virtual servers

  • Spin up monthly or hourly servers on demand
  • Get the scalability and rapid provisioning needed for dynamic workloads

NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs

  • Ideal for standard AI and HPC capabilities
  • Easily integrate via API and management tools

NVIDIA Tesla P100

The combination of NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs on IBM Cloud make it faster and more cost-effective to train AI systems.


less training time than its predecessor


performance than its predecessor

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Bitfusion accelerates deep learning with GPUs

Deep learning and AI were once reserved for select companies, such as research organizations and universities. By collaborating with IBM to use NVIDIA GPUs on the cloud, Bitfusion is changing that dynamic, enabling data scientists and developers to jumpstart innovation.

Subbu Rama, Founder and CEO, Bitfusion

Get started with GPUs today and get 50% off*

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