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How IBM Cloud can help

Regardless of your mission, IBM Cloud can help you deliver gaming experiences that perform and engage. Learn about robust infrastructure choices, a fast global network, leading development tools and environments, and easily integrated emerging technologies available to you.

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Create a high-performing gaming infrastructure

 “I build game platforms and empower developers to work on the next big thing.”

Don’t just build. Start customizing. Create a unique, highly reliable, highly available gaming infrastructure that easily scales for whatever massive demands come your way.

Generic profile image of a developer who builds gaming infrastructure on cloud

Build your solution

Bare metal

  • Spin up hourly or monthly servers, on-demand, worldwide.
  • Customize your RAM, SSDs and more for greater memory, power and throughput.
  • Stop sharing resources and design your own dedicated, secure server ecosystem.


  • Deliver high-quality graphics.
  • Add GPUs with monthly and hourly options.
  • Easily integrate via API and management tools.

Exit Games empowers multiplayer online game development

We found that we could not only achieve 40 percent better performance, but also at 10 times less than we would have had to pay for any of the other popular cloud platforms.

Christof Webmann, Founder and CTO, Exit Games

Inspire engagement using data

“I develop MMORPGs designed around strong online item economy and deep customization.”

Build smarter apps. Know what makes your players tick. Make fast, accurate, data-based decisions and transactions with analytics, AI and management services.

Generic profile image of a developer who customizes games using insight from data

Build your solution

IBM Watson data products

  • Integrate predictive capabilities.
  • Access the most complete set of data and analytics services.
  • Choose your storage, from RDBMS to every type of NSQL.

IBM Cloudant

  • Speed up real-time data calculations, like live leader boards.
  • Increase reliability for in-app transactions.
  • Scale user profiles, meta data and character creations more efficiently.

IBM Compose

  • Create a private database unique to your apps and API requirements.
  • Reduce database hosting hassles.
  • Deploy analytics tools and services on the fly.

Students inject cognitive into game design

Watch this video to see how high school game design students turn Minecraft into a learning tool using IBM Cloud and cognitive powers from IBM Watson®.

Drive performance and scalability

“I deliver next-level gaming experiences around the globe.”

Design a best-in-breed hybrid cloud infrastructure for streaming services, BYOGs, or huge and persistent MMO worlds. Add containers to reduce infrastructure dependencies with built-in software control.

Generic profile image of a developer who delivers innovative gaming environments on cloud

Build your solution

Bare metal

  • Customize resources for unique infrastructure needs.
  • Drive down latency with servers close to your users, wherever they are.
  • Integrate easily with SaaS gaming solutions.


  • Increase rendering speeds and improve graphics presentation.
  • Provide powerful streaming for better in-game responsiveness.


  • Increase your portability.
  • Automate deployment, operation, and scaling.
  • Get better resource control and software management.

LiquidSky transforms gaming delivery model

“The IBM network and scalability are huge for us, and so is IBM’s data coverage. We’re able to get our servers as close to our users as possible, where they are.”

- Ian McLoughlin, Cofounder and CEO, Liquid Sky

Let IBM Cloud be your global network backbone

When it comes to in-game interaction, you don’t get a second chance. Real-world latency can kill a game’s reputation and a developer’s success. Each IBM Cloud data center across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia is connected to the IBM global private network — making data transfers and downloads faster and more efficient. And all IBM Cloud data centers are designed to exceed industry standards.

Watson now available in the Unity Store

IBM and Unity partner to bring the power of AI to developers with the IBM Watson® Unity SDK.

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