Can your business recover from a disaster?

Disaster recovery has traditionally been considered a technology safeguard without a clear return on investment (ROI). But the business benefits of cloud computing are now driving the adoption of disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

Today’s disasters come in many varieties, from naturally occurring events (such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods) to man-made threats, like employee sabotage, hacking and data theft.

Downtime is expensive. The impact of a single disaster is a risk that needs to be averted — and one that can be mitigated through proper oversight and the right technological approach.

Zerto Disaster Recovery on IBM Cloud

Zerto Virtual Replication — deployed through IBM Cloud and integrated with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions including Cloud Foundation™ and vCenter Server — installs seamlessly into the VMware vSphere® environment and is deployed in an automated fashion. Virtual workloads are protected in any IBM Cloud data center and across any distance, through the IBM Cloud private network.

Zerto Virtual Replication can recover cloud applications with minimal data loss and RPOs measured in seconds and RTOs in minutes. The Zerto Virtual Protection Group (VPG) is the unit of replication, which is a group of virtual machines that make up a multi-VM application.

Starting at $45 per virtual machine


Icon representing efficiency of cloud for disaster recovery


Requires less staff to administer and manage business continuity/disaster recovery

Icon representing cost effectiveness of cloud solutions for disaster recovery


Minimize financial losses by quickly recovering from disaster events

Icon representing global availability of data centers for disaster recovery

Available globally

Provisioned in any of the IBM data centers around the world, for location-specific business requirements

Disaster recovery scenarios

IBM Cloud disaster recovery solutions deliver enterprise-level disaster recovery and business continuity for public, private and hybrid cloud.

Graphic representing using Zerto to move data from premises to cloud for disaster recovery

On premises to IBM Cloud

Graphic representing moving data from one IBM Cloud data center to another for disaster recovery

IBM Cloud to IBM Cloud

Graphic representing migration of data to the IBM Cloud

Migrate to IBM Cloud

Graphic representing moving data from another cloud provider to the IBM Cloud

Cloud provider to IBM Cloud

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