How can I integrate DevOps Insights with Jenkins?

Begin by creating a new toolchain, or adding DevOps Insights to an existing toolchain. Learn more about toolchains. Install the Jenkins plug-in to your Jenkins server and configure your Jenkins project to publish test results to DevOps Insights, automatically evaluate build quality at gates, and track your deployment risk. A sample Jenkins project can be found on GitHub.

See detailed Jenkins integration documentation on the Jenkins wiki.

How do I add DevOps Insights to an existing IBM Cloud Pipeline?

You can add Insights to your toolchain by navigating to the toolchain and adding a tool. This detailed tutorial puts this action into context.

How do I integrate tools that are outside of the IBM Cloud (e.g., Travis CI, Concourse, IBM UrbanCode® Deploy, etc.)?

Use this detailed tutorial on the npm site to integrate your build records, test records and deploy records with DevOps Insights.

How do I use DevOps Insights on a private cloud?

As long as your test, build and deploy data can be ingested by DevOps Insights, you can use DevOps Insights regardless of what cloud you are on. Learn more on the npm site.

How can I integrate DevOps Insights with UrbanCode?

To see information from your IBM UrbanCode Deploy servers in DevOps Insights, you must host an instance of DevOps Connect on a system that can connect to your IBM UrbanCode Deploy servers. This system can be a physical computer or a virtual machine.

You can add  IBM UrbanCode Deploy and DevOps Insights to a DevOps toolchain in IBM Cloud, or create a new one. Then, click the IBM UrbanCode Deploy tool, click the settings button and then click Setup. Now you can follow the instructions on the Setup Instructions page to install DevOps Connect and connect it to DevOps Insights. See documentation for more details.

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