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Create an IBM Cloud account and get USD 200 towards your application hosting platform

How application hosting works with IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud™ can help you seamlessly and painlessly integrate your existing data and systems into your new application hosting environment with dedicated, security-rich IBM Cloud bare metal servers. Customize and define your server needs, including single, dual or quad processors with the latest Intel technologies. Select the speed, RAM, storage, OS and more.

We help you maintain a redundant, cost-effective and resilient infrastructure with our high speed, global IBM Cloud network backbone. All inbound and outbound traffic within the IBM Cloud private network is unlimited and cost-free – offered between any IBM Cloud data center worldwide. Quickly respond to traffic spikes or lulls with fast, on-demand provisioning and maintenance through IBM Cloud full management consoles and APIs. Get started with ample bandwidth. IBM bare metal servers for application hosting come with 500GB of bandwidth – completely cost-free.

Run the application platform and programming language of your choice – without contracts. Enjoy fully transparent pricing in hourly or monthly billing terms. 

Freeway interchange system of roads representing IBM application hosting with dedicated bare metal servers

How application hosting with IBM Cloud can help you

Web and email development applications

Migrate your on-premises mobile and desktop applications to a security-rich and completely managed off-premises cloud infrastructure. Access and integrate IBM Cloud and IBM Watson™ services into your application hosting cloud for better user experiences and data mining.

Global content management applications

Get better distribution of your content systems to users around the world and manage it all remotely. Easily store and access your data inside a flexible cloud infrastructure with a large selection of local and advanced storage options.

Sensitive data and codes

Help ensure protection for your application from advancing threats with enterprise-grade bare metal servers dedicated to you for complete control, and security-rich flexibility.

All application hosting servers on IBM Cloud include these features


  • Cost-free backend bandwidth. Unlimited inbound and outbound bandwidth inside the IBM Cloud network.
  • Cost-free inbound data transfer. Inbound bandwidth is unlimited and not charged.
  • Cost-free support. 24x7 phone, chat, ticket placement and digital community access.
  • Transparent pricing. No hidden fees. Choose hourly or monthly billing.


  • Global deployment. Over 60 data centers and PoPs, six regions and 18 availability zones.
  • On-demand provisioning. Monthly application hosting servers in two to four hours, hourly application hosting servers in 30 minutes or less.
  • Extensive customization. Choose single, dual or quad processors with the latest Intel technologies. Select the speed, RAM, storage, OS and more.
  • Flexible bandwidth packages. Choose from monthly bandwidth packages starting at USD 45 per month.

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*20 TB bandwidth included in US, Canada and EU data centers; 5 TB bandwidth included in all other data centers. New prices and offers may not be combined with any other current or future discounts.

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