Intelligent automation for enterprises

IBM Cloud Paks for Automation provide a complete and modular set of AI-powered automation capabilities to tackle common and complex operational challenges.

IBM Cloud Paks have three distinct advantages:

  • Deep domain-specific capabilities to automate business operations, AIOps, integration and networks 

  • A shared set of foundational capabilities that provide intelligent, real-time, event-driven flows to automate across business and IT 

  • Secure and reliable deployment of IBM Cloud Pak containers across any public cloud or hybrid environment provided by Red Hat® OpenShift®

IBM Cloud Paks for Automation

Take the friction and frustration out of your critical business and IT processes

IBM Cloud Paks for Automation feature capabilities and workflows to help you quickly and intelligently automate IT and business workflows that run centrally, in networks or all the way to the edge. Whatever you need to automate, there's an IBM Cloud Pak® for you.

Automation foundation

Shared components that power intelligent automation

A set of common AI and automation components power each intelligent IBM Cloud Pak and provide security-rich integrations between them — so you can build once and then reuse across your business and IT operations. Key components include:

Process mining

Create a visual representation of the data flowing through your business systems and baseline your operational KPIs. 

Task mining

Find low-hanging RPA opportunities to improve workforce productivity.

Robotic process automation

Automate repetitive tasks by mimicking the actions of humans interacting with software applications.

Unified asset repository

Get and store reusable automation artifacts such as starters (e.g., prebuilt bots) and templates.

Single event hub

Process the business and IT event data from the IBM Cloud Paks for Automation – in real time – to feed AI and machine learning.

Red Hat OpenShift

Enterprise-grade containers make it easy to deploy anywhere

The automation foundation and IBM Cloud Paks are containerized software that run on Red Hat OpenShift, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes platform. Containers are ready to deploy anywhere: hybrid cloud, multicloud and edge. Red Hat Open Shift offers one point of control to simplify orchestration across all those environments.

IBM certifies and manages the container templates to automate the software lifecycle from configuration to monitoring, scaling, compliance and patching. Security hardening techniques reduce the chance of common vulnerabilities.