What is IBM Garage

•A single, comprehensive journey that seamlessly blends business strategy, design and technology.

•The way IBM brings speed, innovation and transformation to you on your terms.

•A methodology spanning design, agile development and scaled adoption.

•A commitment to measurable business outcomes. An assembly of world-class designers and technical experts.

Real Impact

Human-centered design improves product outcomes, reduces the risk of costly failures, and increases portfolio profitability.

Faster time-to-market

Reduced design time

Reduces development time

Garage Taster Sessions

Do you want to design and deliver solutions that delight consumers and achieve measurable business outcomes?

Do you want to learn from your users by testing hypotheses and adjusting direction based on your results?

Do you want to deliver value iteratively and rapidly? Sign up to one of our Garage Taster Sessions to find out how.

These free, 90 minute sessions will give you a taste of IBM Garage in a highly condensed, interactive format. Working with a predefined case study, we will dissect the problems faced by the key personas, generate ideas and pressure-test concepts. Through a series of design thinking exercises, you will develop an opportunity statement that describes a strategic outcome for maximum business value.

If you want to become a disrupter, choosing how to develop ideas is as important as defining what ideas to develop. The unique IBM Garage Methodology drives unprecedented transformational change.


Pre-event guide

Post-event Guide

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