The IBM Automation® Platform consists of pre-integrated software and services to digitize your work, infuse your processes with AI, and balance your workflows between human talent and machine labor.

Core software

Digitally transform how works gets done — automate end-to-end workflows, human tasks and decisions; share and manage content; and analyze data from content. Built on a common analytics layer, you gain insights into your operational performance.

IBM automation software produced an ROI of 675% over a three-year benefit period and a payback on costs in less than six months.¹

Software plus services

The IBM Automation Services Platform is a ready-to-go environment for automation that allows fast prototyping, rapid scaling, and management of digital operations for business process and IT. The platform can be deployed either on cloud or on premises and tailored by IBM services based on customer-specific requirements. Clients can start with a specific module and then scale up to use the entire platform.

Service platform elements


Visualize and optimize the performance of live automation with Automation Operation Command Center.


Rapidly understand and automate your processes – even the exceptions – with Process Delivery Accelerator.

IBM automation services helped an automotive client grow from a small pilot to more than 50 bots, delivering USD 3 million in savings in less than a year.

Digital worker

A digital worker is software-based labor that can independently execute meaningful parts of complex, end-to-end processes using multiple skills that go beyond what RPA tools and bots alone can offer.

Revolutionize the way work gets done

IBM digital workers

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¹Source: A Forrester Total Economic Impact Study Commissioned by IBM; The Total Economic Impact Of IBM Automation For Application Management: Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By IBM’s Automation Platform, March 2019.

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