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IBM Z® is a family of modern z/Architecture hardware that runs z/OS, Linux, z/TPF, z/VM and IBM Z systems software.

IBM Z is an essential element of your hybrid cloud and AI strategy. Accelerate digital transformation and unlock 2.5x more value than public cloud alone¹ with an industry-first quantum-safe system² that can reduce your carbon footprint. Unlock new insights with accelerated AI, modernize applications and data and achieve up to 99.999999% availability with a specific configuration.³

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Accelerate mainframe application modernization with generative AI.

Assess your mainframe application modernization readiness to uncover your path to digital transformation with IBM.
What IBM Z offers
Systems IBM z16™ platform leverages AI and delivers breakthrough technologies with the highest security, performance and availability. Explore IBM z16 Hear from the experts (03:36)

Software IBM Z software helps you make the most of your software investment for security, cloud, AIOps, automation and more. Explore software

Operating systems IBM Z mainframes are flexible and run z/OS®, Linux®, z/TPF and z/VM®. Explore operating systems
Modernization Center
Modernize your business with help from IBM

Accelerate the modernization of your applications, data and processes with expert guidance from IBM. The IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center combines IBM Consulting™ with our expansive partner ecosystem to help you lower costs and increase ROI with hybrid cloud.

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Browse by use cases Artificial intelligence

Use AI and machine learning to convert data from every transaction into real-time insights with IBM Z.

Explore AI on IBM Z

Strengthen mainframe security and protect your business data against cyber threats with IBM Z.

Explore Security on IBM Z
Hybrid cloud

Integrate IBM Z into your hybrid cloud to accelerate modernization and deliver innovation with greater productivity.

Explore hybrid cloud on IBM Z

Improve systems management, IT operations, application performance and operational resiliency with AI on the mainframe.

Explore AIOps on IBM Z

Achieve up to eight nines availability, recover systems without data loss, and defeat ransomware.

Explore resiliency with IBM Z

Transform mission-critical applications for hybrid cloud environments with stability, security and agility.

Explore DevOps for IBM Z

Customer stories

Low-risk modernization of banking applications Atruvia AG protects data against the impact of breaches for millions of banking customers with help from IBM. Read the customer story

Boosting banking resiliency ANZ transforms mainframe environment with highly flexible and mirrored IBM Z. Read the customer story

Resources Accelerate mainframe application modernization with hybrid cloud

Learn how to modernize applications faster, at lower cost and less risk, by using IBM Z and public cloud solutions.

A unified approach is critical in a hybrid multicloud world

Learn how IBM is building a unified developer experience for z/OS and cloud applications with the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack.

Modernize with technology partners

Leverage a growing ecosystem of technology partners and open source options to accelerate modernization.

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¹ Source: Based on an IBM-commissioned study measured across five key value areas: business acceleration, developer productivity, infrastructure costs, regulatory and compliance, deployment flexibility

² IBM z16 is the industry's first quantum-safe system.

DISCLAIMER: IBM z16 with the Crypto Express 8S card provides quantum- safe APIs providing access to quantum-safe algorithms which have been selected by NIST to become part of its post-quantum cryptographic standard. (link resides outside Quantum-safe cryptography refers to efforts to identify algorithms that are resistant to attacks by both classical and quantum computers, to keep information assets secure even after a large-scale quantum computer has been built.
Source: (link resides outside” These algorithms are used to help ensure the integrity of a number of the firmware and boot processes. IBM z16 is the Industry-first system protected by quantum-safe technology across multiple layers of firmware. According to Peter Rutten, Research Vice-President IDC, "z16 is the industry's first quantum-safe computing platform."

³ For clients running z/OS v2.5 and common IBM software stack on IBM z15 and higher, users can expect up to 99.999999% availability when the configuration includes an enabled Parallel Sysplex, System Recovery Boost (SRB), GDPS, DS8K with HyperSwap, and best practices. 

DISCLAIMER: Based on IBM internal data. Necessary components include: IBM z15 or IBM z16, IBM middleware subsystems (CICS v5.4, IMS v15.2, MQ v9.2, Db2 v12, Websphere, or later), supported by z/OS Parallel Sysplex, DS8000 Series storage, GDPS HyperSwap Manager (HM) and GDPS Continuous Availability (CA). A minimum of three member systems with workload-level availability and redundant components are required, with a third data center serving as a continuous availability Disaster Recovery site. IBM Middleware subsystems must be deployed with redundant regions in conformance with high availability best practices: Other configurations may provide different availability characteristics.