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Get to know a few of the X-Force® hackers, researchers, incident responders and analysts from around the world who are helping prepare organizations for, and defend from, cyberattacks
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Charles Henderson

With more than two decades leading hacking and vulnerability research teams, Charles uses his hacker perspective to build valuable security programs for clients.

John Hendley

With over a decade of experience as a hacker, John currently leads strategy for X-Force globally.

Cary Paxton

With 20+ years of information security industry experience, Cary manages the day-to-day operations of the global X-Force team.

Andrew Herlands

Andrew has decades of experience leading global information security teams and an extensive background in security services and infrastructure protection.

Andy Piazza

Andy Piazza is an accomplished security professional with 20 years of experience in security operations, threat intelligence, and incident response.

Stephanie Carruthers

Stephanie leads the social engineering practice, focusing on open-source intelligence gathering, phishing, vishing and physical security assessments.

John Dwyer

John leads Research at X-Force and is focused on developing threat hunting and incident response technologies, partner ecosystems, and extracting interesting insights from piles of data. John is passionate about problem-solving, tracking adversaries, and the occasional dance move.

Troy Bettencourt

Troy has approximately 18 years of digital forensics/incident response experience, 3 years of eDiscovery experience, and has held DFIR and supervisory roles in military, law enforcement, municipal government and consultancies.

Chris Thompson

Chris leads the X-Force Red Adversary Simulation team. He has led advanced Red teaming operations against defense contractors and some of the world’s largest banks.

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