Severe weather doesn't have to cause severe damage

Innovative insurers do more than write policies and pay claims. They also use data and analytics to discover innovative ways to improve policy holder satisfaction, manage risk, reduce claims and prevent fraud.

New solutions help insurance providers protect policyholders and prevent damage with automated alerts about severe weather risk and other threats, so users can protect themselves and their property while also reducing weather-related insurance claims.

The Environmental Intelligence Suite

The Environmental Intelligence Suite is a collection of applications that allows you to plan for and respond to disruptive weather events to avoid outages and ensure business continuity.


Retain subscriber loyalty

IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite data and alerts provide a streamlined user experience, mobile capabilities and intuitive dashboards to help warn policyholders of weather disruptions. Use that data to help communicate real-time insights across functions for more proactive, consistent responses.

Mitigate risk

The combination of proprietary and third-party geospatial, weather and IoT data helps you generate key business insights, reimagine workflows and ensure business continuity. Early detection helps identify risks so you can mitigate financial exposure.

Reduce claims

When you are able to monitor critical sites, assets or your workforce, you can improve efficiency and promote employee and customer safety. Getting ahead of weather-related disruptions with real-time, location-specific alerts can help drive down insurance claims.

Personalized touchpoints to help strengthen customer engagement

Customers want to hear from your brand. They expect every communication to be engaging and valuable, but competition for their attention is stiff. Creating meaningful touchpoints on a regular basis — beyond billing and service messages — can help you retain business while boosting customer loyalty. Weather Alerts for Engagement enables you to deliver customized messages to your customers through email, SMS or your existing messaging system to help them avoid weather-related disruptions.

Desjardins Insurance

To maintain policy holder satisfaction, Desjardins Insurance goes the extra mile to help clients avoid damage caused by extreme weather. The Canadian insurer uses Weather Alerts for Engagement as an early warning system to alert clients about hailstorms, a major cause of automobile claims.