Severe weather doesn't have to cause severe damage

Innovative insurers do more than write policies and pay claims. They also use data and analytics to discover innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction, manage risk, reduce claims and prevent fraud.

New solutions help insurance providers protect policyholders and prevent damage with automated alerts about severe weather and other threats, so users can protect themselves and their property while also reducing claims.

Personalized touchpoints to help strengthen customer engagement

Customers want to hear from your brand. They expect every communication to be engaging and valuable, but competition for their attention is stiff. Creating meaningful touchpoints on a regular basis—beyond billing and service messages—can help you retain business while boosting customer loyalty. Weather Alerts for Engagement enables you to deliver customized messages to your customers via email, SMS or your existing messaging system to help them avoid weather-related disruptions.

Learn how your business can make better decisions in the face of weather

Rain-covered windshield

Forecasting your policyholders' needs with weather insights

Insurance carriers are harnessing the power of predictive weather warnings to help reduce claims and improve customer service. This webinar discusses the value that precision seasonal forecasts can deliver for insurers, how to proactively prepare for weather-driven damage, and specific cases of insurers that are using weather to their advantage.

The IBM Insurance Platform helps make data more actionable

Protect policyholders with IoT, data, analytics and weather

How weather data can help insurers manage risk and drive client value

Weather alerts help you avoid potential claims

Weather alerts are changing the game for the insurance industry

Transform mobile claims with IBM Insurance Platform