Apply AI insights to help optimize operations, protect workers and improve efficiency

Weather can cause a variety of problems for ground transportation companies. If drivers aren’t prepared, harsh conditions such as icy roads, poor visibility and violent storms may lead to delays, accidents or serious injuries.

Applying AI and analytics to weather and traffic data helps transportation companies and their drivers make better decisions about impending conditions. Customizable mobile alerts help employees and customers avoid danger while staying on schedule.

Driver Alerts: Your headlights into hazardous weather conditions

Drivers can see only as far as their headlights can reach. Hazardous conditions may sneak up on them and, potentially, lead to accidents and delays. But what if you could keep drivers informed of impending weather and road conditions up to 15 minutes ahead of time? They would be able to take avoidance measures and minimize negative impacts.

Ground transportation solutions

Environmental Intelligence Suite

This suite of applications allows you to plan for and respond to disruptive weather events to avoid outages and ensure business continuity.


Weather Company Data Packages

Use actionable weather-based insights in your business processes to optimize operations, reduce costs, improve safety, and uncover new revenue opportunities.

The Environmental Intelligence Suite

Industries such as agriculture and food, energy and utilities, travel and transportation, and retail are moving away from blaming the weather to capitalizing on it with the Environmental Intelligence Suite. Learn how you can plan for and respond to weather events to ensure business continuity in your industry.


Ensure business continuity

Utilize the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite’s combination of proprietary and third-party geospatial, weather and IoT data, to generate key business insights. Use that data to help you reimagine workflows and ensure business continuity.


Predict impacts

Forecast weather-related disruptions, and receive alerts to drive efficiency and promote employee and customer safety. Monitor critical sites, assets and/or workforce. Identify risks so you can mitigate weather-related financial exposure.

Respond to disruptions

Get real-time, location-specific weather detection to help you manage disruptions. Receive early detection and response to demand fluctuations. Effectively adjust market supply based on weather-related disruptions.

Knight Transportation steers clear of disruptive weather to transport goods safely and on time

Near real-time alerts help truck drivers reach their destination safely and on schedule by avoiding adverse weather conditions that may cause delays and accidents.