Empowering utility companies with solutions that help predict challenges before they occur

From causing outages to affecting energy consumption rates, the weather can have a significant impact on energy and utilities. Failure to quickly and effectively respond to weather can damage profitability and customer satisfaction.

With deeper insight into how weather will affect operations and energy consumption rates, providers can make more informed, proactive decisions to help improve operations, restore power faster, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Weather Company Vegetation Management – Predict

Get precise insights into the state of vegetation in your service territory to help improve risk assessment and enable you to take more efficient preventive maintenance measures in targeted field areas, helping improve operational efficiency while reducing costs. With this solution, you can automatically identify potential risks and outage threats by applying advanced analytics models and artificial intelligence to geospatial-temporal data such as historical weather, satellite and aerial imagery to determine the state of vegetation growth — height or location of trees that could threaten power lines — throughout your transmission and distribution lines.

Weather Company Outage Prediction: Proactively respond to severe weather conditions

To restore power quickly when severe weather strikes, utility companies must stay ahead of the storm. Combining customer-specific outage data with forecasts and machine learning can help you to predict weather's impact on your distribution system up to 72 hours in advance, enabling you to optimize restoration efforts. Our energy and utility solutions can help you reduce costs while minimizing damage and increasing customer satisfaction.

Outage Prediction

Understand how weather impacts the overhead electrical infrastructure in your utility service territory before weather hits so you can take proactive measures to prepare for and effectively respond to outages.

Weather Alerts for Worker Safety

Weather-related perils can cause many thousands of fatalities worldwide each year. Notifying utility workers of oncoming danger with pre-built alerts can help improve safety without sacrificing efficiency.

Weather Data Packages

Weather Data Packages can help you reduce costs, improve safety and drive revenue by providing insights that anticipate the unique impact of weather on your business.

Seasonal and subseasonal forecasts

Seasonal and subseasonal forecasts can empower businesses to minimize risk and maximize profits by planning for upcoming market shifts resulting from the weather in short- and long-term timeframes.

Energy Trader

This user-friendly platform helps you gain insight into how global weather trends will impact energy supply and demand by providing the latest 15-day forecast plus dynamic alerts and notifications.

Probabilistic Trader

This energy solution uses multiple forecasts to construct a distribution model that helps clients answer questions like, “If the forecast is wrong, in what direction will it be wrong?”

Load Forecasts

Load Forecasts is anchored in advanced and proprietary weather and data science. This system creates hourly load forecast updates with 4km spatial resolution around the globe.

Power Generation Forecasts

This tool uses a simple, intuitive, web-based display to combine atmospheric forecasts and power conversion models, providing power generation forecasts for wind and solar.