Empowering utility companies with solutions that help predict and prevent challenges before they occur

From causing outages to affecting energy consumption rates, the weather can have a significant impact on energy and utilities. Failure to quickly and effectively respond to weather can damage profitability and customer satisfaction.

With deeper insight into how weather will affect operations and energy consumption rates, providers can make more informed, proactive decisions to help improve operations, restore power faster, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

IBM Vegetation Management

Get insights into the state of vegetation across your service territory to help improve risk assessment and take more efficient preventive maintenance measures in targeted field areas, helping improve operational efficiency while reducing costs. With this solution, you can automatically identify potential vegetation risks and outage threats by applying advanced analytics models and artificial intelligence to geospatial-temporal data such as historical weather and high-resolution satellite imagery to assess the vegetation that could threaten power lines, timely identify high-risk areas, and prioritize your efforts throughout your transmission and distribution lines.

Weather Company Outage Prediction: Proactively predict and respond to severe weather conditions

To restore power quickly when severe weather strikes, utility companies must stay ahead of the storm. Combining customer-specific outage data with weather data, vegetation insights and machine learning can help you to predict weather’s impact on your distribution system up to 7 days in advance, enabling you to optimize your response and restoration efforts. Being able to combine vegetation insights into outage prediction models can also help utilities as they navigate severe weather, leading to improved reliability and safety across the grid.

Energy and utilities solutions

The Environmental Intelligence Suite

The Environmental Intelligence Suite is a collection of applications that allows you to plan for and respond to disruptive weather events to avoid outages and ensure business continuity.


Ensure business continuity

Utilize the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite’s combination of proprietary and third-party geospatial, weather and IoT data, to generate key business insights. Use that data to help you reimagine workflows and ensure business continuity.

Predict impacts

Forecast weather-related disruptions, and receive alerts to drive efficiency and promote employee and customer safety. Monitor critical sites, assets and/or workforce. Identify risks so you can mitigate weather-related financial exposure.

Respond to disruptions

Get real-time, location-specific weather detection to help you manage disruptions. Receive early detection and response to demand fluctuations. Effectively adjust market supply based on weather-related disruptions.

Case studies

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