Weather can have an impact on every industry

A recent study found that virtually 100 percent of C-suite leaders believe that weather impacts at least one of their revenue metrics. While you can't control the weather, insight into its influence on your business can help you stay ahead of it.

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, combines weather data with AI, analytics, and Internet of Things data. The result is deeper insights into weather's impact on your business, helping you make faster, more informed decisions.

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Weather Alerts for Engagement

Deliver personalized messages to your customers via email, SMS, or your existing system to strengthen customer engagement and relationships, and help them avoid weather-related disruptions.

Weather Alerts for Worker Safety

Weather-related perils can cause over 100,000 fatalities worldwide each year. Notifying workers of oncoming danger with pre-built alerts can help improve safety without sacrificing productivity.

Weather Data Packages

Integrating weather data into your operations and applying insights that anticipate the unique impact of weather on your business can help reduce costs, improve safety, and drive revenue.

Max Mobile Widgets

Increase engagement by integrating customizable weather forecasts and radar maps into your mobile app. Publish dynamic, monetizable weather information to your mobile audience throughout the day.

Max Mobile for Enterprise

Reach users across platforms with a mobile experience that integrates weather and traffic data with your brand's content to help influence customer behavior.

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How to leverage historical weather data when making future decisions

Pulling actionable data from the past can be a guiding light when making business decisions. Pairing historical data with accurate worldwide forecasts can help you better anticipate how weather may influence your critical processes in the future. Basing those decisions on assumptions and anecdotes doesn’t cut it anymore.

World map showing global historical temperatures for December 1, 2016