Broadcast strategies for consistent and unique programming

By The Weather Company

Contributing author: Scott Ryan

Audiences want their needs met where, when and how they choose. If you can’t anticipate their needs, they’re on to the next. Presenting your broadcast program in a compelling, creative, easily digested way that holds viewers no matter the platform is a challenge that all news stations face. As audiences diversify consumption channels, your brand needs to spread across each potential platform seamlessly.

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, understands the importance of your broadcast being able to make the leap across platforms to connect you with mobile users. The Max Ecosystem now offers more tools to help you produce a truly distinctive, cross-screen weathercast. These innovations represent our commitment to your success.

According to an eMarketer forecast, 72 percent of smartphone users of any age check a weather app on their smartphone at least once per month and that number is expected to rise incrementally over the next few years.

Keeping your broadcast style consistent and unique

Here, we will explain the impact that weather technology has had on broadcasting, why keeping your presentation consistent is so crucial, and what tools are available to help you overcome this challenge.

How weather technology has altered broadcasting

The boom of mobile devices has made it so most of your potential viewers have access to a supercomputer that rests comfortably in their pocket. Information is everywhere, and news is accessible and being reported at all hours.

Staying consistent with your weather graphics, formatting, and the information that is pushed out across devices will help viewers recognize and identify with your broadcast style. Advanced weather technology has made it so that generating content with the assistance of augmented reality (AR) doesn’t feel cartoonish. This content can be featured on your television presentation, but it can also be pushed out across platforms and still pack the same punch.

Shifting viewership forces you to think outside of the box, but maintaining consistency with your broadcast and building a level of trust with viewers is what brings them back for more.

The importance of having consistency in broadcast presentations

Broadcasts that are both consistent and unique may seem to be a misnomer, but trust us when we say that the real challenge is doing all of this while also keeping your reliable brand of news intact.

Consistency is dictated by what your audience demands, but you can only present the news within the limits of your capabilities.

3 broadcast programming strategies to consider

We have outlined some best practices for you to consider for keeping your broadcast consistent.

1. Brand your broadcast by using the same fonts, colors, and labeling

Fonts, colors, and labeling are the most simple elements of building visuals, but they are also the foundation of consistency and how viewers will recognize your brand.

2. Experiment with new weather graphics

This is where broadcasters are forced to toe the line of consistent and stale.

It’s important to avoid straying too far from the norm when developing and installing visual elements into your broadcast because it can be off-putting for viewers. However, new graphics that fit your style of broadcasting can keep things fresh. And don’t forget about our custom daily graphics that we offer to use or edit as you see fit.

3. Personalize your broadcast presentation with local insights

Regardless of which platform viewers are experiencing your broadcast on, you want to provide viewers with unique content that they can’t get elsewhere. Hyperlocal forecast content will allow you to include local weather insights that your viewers can't get from a national broadcast or mobile app. By bringing in local, relevant knowledge you can differentiate the content from what they would get elsewhere. By providing relevant information that applies directly to their daily life you will build loyalty amongst viewers.

There is an optimal rhythm for presenting the news that broadcasters are continually striving to achieve. Locking in once you find that rhythm can have both a positive and negative impact on your broadcast. It is possible for your news station to become too comfortable with what you are providing viewers on a daily, or even hourly, basis. With Max, you can stay consistent and connect with the viewer, while including a hint of variability so that you're not doing the same thing every day

How you can use Max to bring flair to your broadcasts

Giving your audience more interesting and relevant content than other providers is how loyalty starts to build and, with Max, you get a weather system that reaches across platforms and connects users with your presentation regardless of their location. The difference maker for Max is how it gives you the opportunity to build the viewer experience on similarities in design and display while pushing unique, hyperlocal content across all devices and platforms.

There are a variety of weather forecasting tools and solutions available through the Max system that can make differentiating your forecasts easier than ever before. We understand the importance of building your brand and helping viewers identify with your style of news. Adding weather graphics will enhance your storytelling and help produce a distinctive broadcast. HD materials allow you to apply beautiful textures to your weather graphics, atmospheric haze, and sun position and these features, originally offered in Max Reality, are now free for all Max customers as part of Release 6.5.

Max Engage with Watson helps stations make the leap to connect newly mobile users to the core broadcast information while enhancing your storytelling capabilities so that you don’t fall behind as we continue to transition into this new cognitive era of broadcasting. Max Engage allows you to consistently post your content to multiple platforms so that the experience is the same for users across all devices. You can also leverage lifestyle forecasts to provide them with hyperlocal, relevant forecasting to consider when planning their day around specific events.

Developing your brand of news

Building the best experience for your viewers is a layered task. Increasing competition in the industry, enhanced weather technology and the development of platforms outside of the living room has only made it more complicated.

By improving your broadcast with the Max system, you can enhance your storytelling and help viewers build a connection to your style of weather forecasting. We understand the importance of brand identity and the role that a consistent broadcast can play. The Weather Company strives to produce the most realistic and advanced weather graphics in the industry so that your broadcast stands above the rest, regardless of what platform it’s being consumed on.  

Ready to learn more? Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how weather forecasting tools like Max Engage with Watson can help keep your broadcast strategy consistent across platforms.

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