Broadcasters have the edge. It's time to leverage it.

By Rodney Thompson

Blog 6: Taking Max Velocity beyond weather

This is an ongoing blog series about Max Velocity from The Weather Company, an IBM Business. If you did not read the previous installments, you can find the complete blog series by clicking here. Otherwise, let’s continue with the sixth update. This blog showcases how Max Velocity could be used for news, sports, traffic and other non-weather-specific stories.


As the idea of Max Velocity came together, we hosted “playbacks” with our clients in which we showed them early mock-ups of Max Velocity to get their perspectives. During these sessions, clients consistently brought up ideas for taking this solution beyond weather, such as using the tool for news and local sports workflows.

While our primary focus had always been radically changing weather workflows, it came as no surprise that users would want to apply the tool to other categories. In the past, the tools required to create complex, sophisticated-looking videos were difficult to learn and use. It only makes sense that a simplified storytelling tool that delivers a high-quality asset and is functional from virtually anywhere without installing software will be valuable outside of weather workflows.

Simplicity drives every decision we make in developing Max Velocity. The solution is designed to meet the high standards of our company and our clients by building engaging and sophisticated videos. This storytelling tool incorporates maps that help put stories into context and streamlines processes for remote interviews, all without needing support from the control room.

Domenica Davis, meteorologist and host of America’s first mobile morning show, The Lift on, sees great potential in this new solution.

“Whoa! Max Velocity is an exciting product that goes way beyond weather,” says Davis. “It's the new age ‘one man band’ of any storytelling. What jumped out to me with this new product was the video aspect and being able to line up guests for either a live or recorded broadcast that doesn’t require a technical control room.”

“Outside of weather, this could be used for a multitude of events. For example, marathons and parades. Using all aspects of Max Velocity, you could graphically show the event route and stop the graphic along the way to bring in guests to talk at particular points. No live trucks or control room needed. Just an internet browser and a wifi signal. How easy is that?”

“And because you don't need any special equipment, Max Velocity can appeal to such a diverse clientele. This product allows anyone to broadcast their own event and talk to numerous people/guests live from anywhere in the world. Events like telethons and fundraisers come to mind. Event organizers do not need to rely on everyone being in the same room to tell their story or share the experiences. Especially in a social distanced world, people can participate and connect and do so safely.”

“In the social media world, Max Velocity could be a real game changer for hosts and influencers, elevating video and lives. The live guest capabilities and use of graphics really up the ante in the increasingly competitive world. Max Velocity is the fastest and most reliable way a social media talent can connect with their audience in a casual way that is as easy for the guest as it is the host.” 

“Max Velocity is easy, exciting and the future.”