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Couldn’t make it to NAB? Here’s what you missed

The Weather Company was back in-person at NAB 2022 and we had plenty to talk about.

Five key considerations for choosing weather broadcast media solutions

Here are five important areas to prioritize when evaluating weather broadcast solutions for your station.

Broadcasters have the edge. Beyond weather

Outside of weather, Max Velocity could be used for a multitude of things, including parades and marathons. No live trucks or control room needed. Just an internet browser and a wifi signal.

Broadcasters have the edge. Sponsors

Stations need to think of creative ways to tie in weather with sponsor opportunities. Max Velocity is being built to help address this challenge.

Broadcasters have the edge. Spotters and viewers

As our broadcast industry takes on new media giants measuring revenue in the billions of dollars, you need to “do something that your competitors can’t do – get local” … very local.

Broadcasters have the edge. Severe weather

 Using Max Velocity, meteorologists can work from home, cranking out compelling content and keeping their digital audience informed during severe weather.

Broadcasters have the edge. Coverage from the field

Max Velocity has been designed to work from anywhere and to make it easy to include new storytellers.  

Broadcasters have the edge. It’s time to leverage it.

Having local knowledge and trust is the
”superpower” of broadcasters and it needs to be better leveraged.

Weather graphics: The ultimate guide

By using weather graphics, you can provide a robust visual representation of the weather that keeps users educated and engaged.

Severe weather: A guide to accurate weather forecasting

Severe storms can wreak havoc. When these fast-moving storms move through a region, people and businesses need to take swift action.

Innovation in weather forecasting technology for broadcast

We asked top broadcasters and thought leaders for their input on innovations in weather forecasting technology, and how it will impact the industry in the future.

What is weather radar? The ultimate guide

Weather radar is a hot topic. This basic overview of radar technologies, options and benefits provides a radar 101 guide to get you up to speed.

AI in Broadcasting: Will AI replace the television meteorologist?

Learn how Max Engage with Watson can help meteorologists drive more value for their station, keeping them relevant in a rapidly-changing world.

Broadcast strategies for consistent and unique programming

Your broadcast programming strategy should include tools that allow you to produce a distinctive, cross-screen weathercast across platforms.

Broadcast 2030: Predictions for television broadcast

Deloitte predicted these scenarios for the future of broadcast TV. Learn what this means for long-term strategy.

The value of advanced weather radar ownership

Now you can empower your experts with groundbreaking control over the story. Learn more about the value of advanced weather radar ownership.

What trends will change broadcasting?

Broadcast television isn’t dead, it’s evolving. Read this article to learn more about the emerging trends in broadcasting and how they will affect the future.

IBM GRAF: Vastly improving accurate weather forecasts

The first hourly-updating weather system that is able to predict something as small as a thunderstorm virtually anywhere on the planet. Learn more about this high resolution weather data.