Maximize crop yields through agricultural data

A tremendous amount of big data in modern agriculture is created but never used. Past attempts at utilizing this data to increase crop yields and profitability have failed because they relied on manual input or remote internet accessibility.

By combining artificial intelligence (AI), IoT data and predictive analytics with industry expertise and decades of research, stakeholders across the agriculture ecosystem can gain insights into projected crop yields and potential problems, helping them make more informed decisions.

The Environmental Intelligence Suite

The Environmental Intelligence Suite is a collection of applications that allows you to plan for and respond to disruptive weather events to avoid outages and ensure business continuity.


Ensure business continuity

Utilize the Environmental Intelligence Suite’s combination of proprietary and third-party geospatial, weather and IoT data, to generate key business insights. Use that data to help you reimagine workflows and ensure business continuity.

Predict impacts

Forecast weather-related disruptions, and receive alerts to drive efficiency and promote employee and customer safety. Monitor critical sites, assets and/or workforce. Identify risks so you can mitigate weather-related financial exposure.

Respond to disruptions

Get real-time, location-specific weather detection to help you manage disruptions. Receive early detection and response to demand fluctuations. Effectively adjust market supply based on weather-related disruptions.

Yara is partnering with IBM to build the world’s leading digital farming platform

One of the world’s largest fertilizer producers is helping farmers to make better decisions to maximize crop yields and feed a growing planet.