Fall is almost here: How a weather strategy can help brands stay ahead

By Sarah Duffy

While the heat is still on across much of the US, kids are going back to school, fall sports are around the corner and people will soon start planning for Halloween and even Thanksgiving.

When should your brand launch fall campaigns?

Instead of relying solely on the calendar or historical data, the forecast can be a valuable predictor of when people will begin fall buying behaviors. 65% of people say they make fall-related seasonal changes based on  what the weather “feels like,” creating an indispensable marketing touch point when consumers are most open to influence.¹

Pinpointing the beginning of autumn isn’t as simple as it sounds. The conditions that spark fall behaviors vary from one region to next; 65 degrees feels much different to someone living in Miami than it would to a resident of Minneapolis. Shifts in global weather patterns are also making seasonal norms a thing of the past, creating even more difficulty in capturing that moment when everyone pulls out their sweaters and scarves.

With a strong predictive and real-time weather strategy, savvy brands can be in market right when consumers embrace fall-like temperatures.  Here are three must-have weather  strategies your brand can use this fall.

#1: Timing is everything

Apple! Cinnamon! Pumpkin spice! Weather influences consumption habits, especially in seasons that feature flavors that are both potent and fleeting. 53% of people say that when a product campaign is tied to local weather conditions, they are more likely to choose it.²

A global  coffeehouse brand leaned into fall weather vibes to dynamically align its seasonal pumpkin-spiced beverage with consumers’ real-time weather conditions. The campaign used  weather triggers such as first fall, outdoor activities and cold, sunny and breezy weather to activate messages when the relative first “feelings of fall” inspired a switch from iced coffee to hot pumpkin-flavored drinks.

This weather strategy increased brand preference by 13% and purchase intent by 8% with key strategic audiences. 

#2: Be the antidote to seasonal allergies 

70% of consumers check the forecast at least once per week to manage their health.¹ Keeping a close eye on the weather is especially important for seasonal allergy sufferers, many of whom say their symptoms are beginning sooner and lasting longer as weather patterns shift.

Knowing that 33% of allergy sufferers don’t purchase medication until they experience symptoms, a new allergy brand combined high impact dynamic creative and Weather Targeting to surround moments and places in which fall weather caused allergy symptoms to flare.¹ To drive relevancy and efficiency, the creative was served only when the optimal mix of conditions that led to exacerbated symptoms were present.

This weather strategy increased aided awareness for the brand by 11.2%, favorability by 11.4%, CTR by 50% and purchase intent by 9.5%.

#3: Turn party goers into patrons 

Between back to school, sports events and holidays, fall is a big season for gatherings. These festivities create a prime opportunity to build customer preference as 49% of people consider purchasing new brands when they are hosting an event.³

One bottled water brand built a campaign to own the social scene with The Weather Channel Planning Moments sponsorships. Leaning into the audience’s planning mindset and routine on The Weather Channel app, the brand stayed top of mind in the days leading up to and during holiday weekends by using specific triggers such as outdoor activity, bottled water sales and relative hot conditions to reach consumers in moments when they were likely to purchase water.

Throughout the campaign, the brand achieved a CTR that was 6% above industry benchmarks and reached over five million unique users.

Put fall weather to work for you

As the fall season continues to evolve, brands need a weather strategy that meets changing consumer needs and builds powerful advertising campaigns that deliver experiences fit for the fall mood. Innovative companies are partnering with The Weather Company to unlock the power of weather data and AI to understand and even predict what consumers will feel, what they will try and what they will buy.

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