Making better business decisions with weather data

The Weather Company, an IBM Business, provides weather-driven business solutions for better decision-making using the most accurate and precise weather data available. Some of the world's biggest brands in aviation, energy, insurance, media, and government depend on us for weather data. We deliver billions of forecasts a day, connecting newscasters, airline pilots, energy traders, insurance executives, state agency employees, and retail management to the weather data they need.

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Featured Solution: The Weather Company Alerts

The Weather Company Alerts provide accurate, hyper-local breaking weather alerts to inform your clients, customers, and employees of weather-related perils. Learn more about The Weather Company Alerts for Engagement and Worker Safety.


The Weather Company makes you look great on TV. And on every other screen, too. From television to online to mobile, learn how The Weather Company serves the media industry.


The Weather Company streamlines aeronautical decision-making with accurate and reliable aviation and inflight weather data. Learn how you can transform weather into flight safety and efficiency with weather solutions for aviation.


With The Weather Company, critical decisions become confident decisions. Learn about The Weather Company solutions for energy trading, wind, and more.


Severe weather doesn’t have to have severe consequences. Learn how insurers leverage The Weather Company to protect the safety and property of their clients while reducing risk, preventing claims and improving business intelligence.


All the weather data you need in one easy-to-monitor solution. Learn how The Weather Company works with U.S. government agencies, federally funded R&D agencies, and government contractors to leverage weather data.


What are your customers buying and when? You need to know what’s coming their way — especially when it comes to weather. Learn how The Weather Company's weather data and forecasting services can help you turn insight into action.

Data Packages Cross-Industry Solution

The Weather Company Data Packages tap into the breadth and depth of our weather data on current conditions, forecast conditions, seasonal, and severe weather. Learn how you can quickly and easily access weather data APIs via the cloud.

Max Engage for Media

Max Engage helps you be the first to air vital information that keeps your audience safe. When severe weather threatens, your staff is informed ahead of the storm, so they can send push-alerts to users in the impacted area.

WSI Fusion for Aviation

WSI Fusion takes the guesswork out of flight operations by delivering real-time global tracking and decision support for all phases of flight, enabling dispatchers to stay ahead of changing conditions and mitigate disruptive events.

WSI Trader for Energy

The Weather Company brings clarity and insight to critical decision making by enabling commodities traders to make better, smarter, faster decisions with a single, global, interactive view of the most accurate weather forecasts.

The Weather Company Alerts for Insurance

The Weather Company helps insurers deliver timely information to policyholders so they can take themselves and their vehicles out of harm’s way. Hail is naturally unpredictable, but with The Weather Company, you can predict the impact.

United States Precision Lightning Network

The Weather Company delivers impressive and consistent technical metrics – 95% detection efficiency and 250 meter location accuracy for cloud-to-ground strokes throughout most of North America and delivery uptime greater than 99.99%.

The Weather Company Alerts for Engagement

Learn how, with the precise forecasting data of The Weather Company, you can issue hyperlocal customer alerts via mobile devices of incoming adverse weather conditions.

IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management

Adapt emergency operations to rapidly changing situations. IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Emergency Management is an incident and emergency management solution for daily operations and crisis situations.

The Weather Company Bringing Use Cases to Life

Weather is a constant in our lives and can have real business implications. Across industries, leveraging weather data and weather analytics reveals insights that can improve sales and performance.

IBM Analytics: Weather Means Business

Combining weather data with traditional business data and rich data from an unprecedented number of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled systems and devices has the potential to significantly impact enterprise decision-making.

IBM and The Weather Company: Transforming energy and utilities

To take the lead in the Insight Economy, energy and utilities organizations must be fueled by big data and analytics. This infographic shows the importance of disrupting the entire marketplace by reshaping the boundaries of what’s possible.

The Weather Company Data Packages Overview

Every business – in every sector – needs a weather strategy. Explore The Weather Company Data Packages to discover how you can incorporate weather into your business.