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Readily build custom AI applications for your business, manage all data sources, and accelerate responsible AI workflows—all on one platform. 

Scaling Generative AI for business

Join us for this informative webinar that will cover high-impact Generative AI use cases and best practices on how to scale Gen AI for your business with watsonx.

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Open, targeted, trusted and empowering

IBM® watsonx™ AI and data platform includes three core components and a set of AI assistants designed to help you scale and accelerate the impact of AI with your trusted data across your business. Enterprises  turn to watsonx because it is:

  • Open: Based on open technologies that provide a variety of models to cover enterprise use cases and support compliance initiatives.
  • Targeted: Targeted to specific enterprise domains like HR, customer service or IT operations to unlock new value.
  • Trusted: Designed with principles of transparency, responsibility and governance so you can manage  ethical and accuracy concerns.
  • Empowering: Go beyond being an AI user and become an AI value creator, owning the value your models create.
IBM Granite family of AI models

Get started with performant and cost-effective models purpose-built for business.

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Granite is named a Strong Performer in the The Forrester Wave™: AI Foundation Models for Language, Q2 2024.

Use cases

Explore what you can do with watsonx to deploy and embed AI across your business. 

Boost employee productivity with RAG Build a Q&A resource from your company's proprietary data to share organizational insights. Combine the generative AI (gen AI) capabilities of watsonx.ai with retrieval generation (RAG) to analyze data and curate insights, leveraging the hybrid, open data lakehouse capabilities of watsonx.data. Start with watsonx.ai Start with watsonx.data

Create content quickly with generative AI Harness the watsonx.ai AI studio to build models to generate various content types such as ideas for marketing and sales campaigns, emails, blogs, social media posts, automated reports, scripts and more. And with watsonx.governance, monitor your models for accuracy, drift and bias. Start with watsonx.ai Start with watsonx.governance

Get chatbots up and running quickly Deploy chatbots for your business quickly with IBM watsonx Assistant™, a conversational AI application powered by large language models (LLMs). Take advantage of its intuitive user interface to create AI-powered voice agents and chatbots. Deliver automated self-service support across channels and touchpoints, enabling seamless integration with the tools that power your business. Start with watsonx Assistant

Enable developers to code efficiently Enhance developer productivity with AI-recommended code based on natural language inputs or existing source code using our best-in-class Granite models.  With IBM watsonx Code Assistant™, you can help reduce coding complexity to enable development teams to focus on driving value for the business. Start with watsonx Code Assistant Learn more about Granite

Reinvent customer experiences with your data Use your business data to create enhanced customer experiences. Build, train, tune and deploy your own models on watsonx.ai and integrate them into your existing chatbots to help deliver contextual responses. With the IBM watsonx.governance™ toolkit for AI governance, you can consistently monitor your models for accuracy, drift and bias. Start with watsonx.ai Start with watsonx.governance

Unlock insights and uncover trends hidden in your data Use the watsonx.ai AI studio to build AI models to analyze vast data sets and extract valuable insights from documents, customer interactions and security incidents stored on the watsonx.data datalakehouse or anywhere else. Tap into the generative AI capabilities of models built on watsonx.ai to help uncover patterns and anomalies—so you can make precise forecasting and predictions tailored to your needs. Start with watsonx.ai Start with watsonx.data

Build, scale and govern your custom AI solutions

The watsonx platform has three components, allowing you to customize your AI solution. Choose one or more components that align with your needs.


Train, validate, tune and deploy foundation and machine learning models with ease.

Explore watsonx.ai

Scale analytics and AI workloads for your data, anywhere with a datalakehouse that is open, hybrid and governed.

Explore watsonx.data

Accelerate responsibility, transparency and explainability in your data and AI workflows with watsonx.governance. 

Explore watsonx.governance
Unlock productivity with the AI assistants

AI assistants are applications powered by watsonx. Deploy them to automate workflows and implement AI across a variety of business and technical functions such as customer service, HR and code development. 

Read the complete 2024 buyer’s guide: IBM generative AI assistants

watsonx Assistant

Designed to create exceptional customer service experiences, IBM watsonx™ Assistant™ empowers everyone in the organization to build and deploy AI-powered virtual agents without writing a line of code.

watsonx BI Assistant

IBM watsonx™ BI Assistant answers your business questions in seconds, guiding you toward the most impactful decisions. Get personalized insights in seconds with your AI-powered business analyst and advisor.

watsonx Code Assistant

Purpose-built for targeted use cases, IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant™ leverages generative AI to help enhance developer productivity reduce coding complexity, and accelerate developer onboarding.

watsonx Orchestrate

Lighten your team's workload with an expanding catalog of capabilities, use IBM watsonx™ Orchestrate™ to assist with common and repetitvetalent management tasks such as creating a job description, pulling a report in Salesforce or SAP SuccessFactors, and more using natural language.

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